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All The CPD You Will Ever Need (Honest)

Why wouldn’t you respond to a blog that promised you ‘All The CPD You Will Need For The Next Year’?

Well, one reason might be that the fee for the privilege of attending a one day course on All Corporate Insolvency Updates, Changes, Practical Matters and Need-To-Know Info is more than £450 (you’ve heard that before, haven’t you??!!). (Yowzer!!)

Another reason could be that the course is advertised to be presented by someone who isn’t that good at presenting (although a fine Practitioner, I am sure) and who can become obsessed with ‘their cases’ or ‘their speciality’ during the proceedings. (Yawnzer!!)

(Two good reasons, by the way.)

Richard Bloomfield and Sarah Jerrard of Neil Taylor Insolvency have come up with a solution. A new way of designing and presenting CPD.

Richard tells me that, …”working as Insolvency Practitioner is a hugely challenging job, pulling you in many directions. You must make important strategy decisions, win work, oversee staff and then find time to actually do the work.”

With all of this in mind this Autumn we launch our all-new Corporate and Personal Insolvency ‘Mix’N’Match’ one day CPD courses.

If you are going to spend your hard-earned (and previously estimated) remuneration on CPD it has to be both engaging and completely relevant to what you need. Dare we add an element of ‘fun’ to this?

Being talked at about Cross Border Regulations for half an hour before moving on to a case about death taxes in the Isle of Man could be argued to be neither engaging nor fun. We want to change this …

Our new Mix’N’Match courses (Corporate 27 September; Personal 20 October) are made up of ‘bite sized’ one hour slots full of all the things you absolutely need to know about. (And presented by a qualified trainer who is also an Insolvency Practitioner.)

The Corporate day includes some of the following, and more …
SIPs; the changes and the latest (tick)
The Pre-Pack Pool and SIP 16 (of course, tick)
Latest legislation and cases, with a practical tinge (tick)
Employment Law latest (tick)
Even an hour of the best communication techniques (tick tick)

Book the whole day (there is such a thing as a free networking lunch attached to this), half day, or one (or two) hour(s). You choose. It is YOUR CPD.

For Personal insolvency there will be, amongst other sessions …
A definitive all you need to know update (thank you, tick)
Matrimonial Law versus Insolvency Law (tick)
Changes to the DRO and Bankruptcy industries (tick)
Debt advice and the FCA (tick)
And those all-essential communication and interpersonal skills (tick)
And all of this for just £250 for the day. Or buy by the half day or even the hour at £45 per hour.

Of course all IPs have to undertake a level of CPD in order to satisfy the requirements of their Recognised Professional Bodies, but sadly there is no edict about the quality or scope of this training.

Attending CPD courses must be so much more about maintaining knowledge and a passion for your chosen profession, not just notching up CPD hours to satisfy your RPB. Mustn’t it?

New Rules - New Opportunities

Whilst I am in ‘selling mode’ (a completely new departure for me, as I am sure you know …) we at Neil Taylor Insolvency are creating the best, most palatable, great value-for-money update and training programmes for the new Rules.

Ask us first. Of course you will go to the freebies run by the lawyers, but when you need the detail and the practicality and the follow up, come to us.


01962 77 21 81

See you soon.

Neil Taylor
August 2016

Posted: 23.08.2016
Tags:  blog

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