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Products: Induction Programmes, Open Courses, In-House Courses & CPD Tap

NTI offer a range of CPD services to solve any insolvency challenge you may have. All training can be tailored to your needs, catering for all levels of insolvency experience.

In-House Courses

NTI can design, write and deliver any CPD rated training you, your business and your colleagues require. This bespoke product will then be delivered in-house at your offices, saving you time and cost, as well as providing exactly the course content that works for your business.

In response to the specific requests of many clients we have developed our ‘bite-sized CPD training slots’, whereby you can choose any topic you want covered and it will be presented in a dynamic style by a professional insolvency trainer. 

The advantage of the bite sized slots is that your business can design a day that ranges from Updates on SIPs and Legislation for all, to an introductory session on Administrations for certain members of your team … from Employment Law For The IP for partners, to Dealing With Difficult Directors for case administrators.


No part of the day is wasted; there are no more half day training courses that take up the entire day, to take account of travelling to and from a city centre …

… and you get exactly what you need. In your office, on your terms, for your business.

In addition, with NTI Membership you can get a discounted rate on the CPD training you need and get a significant reduction on your Document Packs and CPI and JIEB exam training.

Induction Programme

NTI's Introduction To Insolvency Qualification (ITIQ)- The Perfect Way To Train New Recruits To Your Business

  • One hour webcasts on all procedures and processes in both Corporate and Personal Insolvency, including CVLs, MVLs, WUCs, Administrations, IVAs and CVAs, Administrative Receiverships, Bankruptcy, Informal Debt Solutions, leases, retention of title, antecedent transactions, dealing with employees, as well as practical webcasts such as how to trade a company. 
  • Full electronic notes and materials accompanying each webcast for instruction during the webcast and reference thereafter. Also, a comprehensive exercise and ten multiple choice-based questions at the end of each webcast to check understanding and underpin your knowledge

NTI's exclusive ITIQ programme of 25 webcasts are designed to be accessed at the rate of the users convenience can also be sold separately without the end of course examination for only £695 plus VAT

All webcasts are approximately one hour in length, downloadable at the convenience of the student, and aimed at continuing the learning development of those new to our profession who want their training to be electronically available at the 'tap' of a screen or the button of a keyboard

The cost of ITIQ including the 25 webcasts and final examination is only £840 plus VAT

The NTI Introduction To Insolvency Induction Programme is designed to be a structured, comprehensive and highly affordable course empowering your team members with both knowledge and confidence

For enquiries please contact: enquiries@ntinsolvency.com or 01962 77 21 81


Open Courses And Events 

NTI offers a comprehensive range of CPD rated courses in city centre locations across the UK. We deliver courses which are presented by fully trained presenters, all of whom have extensive amounts of experience as practitioners.

We strongly believe that people must be inspired to succeed. CPD courses should be no different; that’s why our relevant, practical and uplifting.

NTI are also running a series of breakfast meetings and have a yearly CPD conference with a wealth of guest speakers such as Steve Allinson, Richard Fleming, Nick Myers and Mark Sands amongst many more. 


NTI offer a brilliant way to keep up to date with your CPD quickly, efficiently and at the touch of a button. It is called CPD TAP and is a series of monthly webcasts on updates to the industry, sent directly to your computer, phone or tablet. 

For more information and to see a free sample, please click here                      

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