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NTIQ TAP has been created to keep you updated with developments in the IVA, debt advisory and debt management sectors.

Our webcasts can be viewed at your convenience on our website and via the NTI app on your Android or Apple device.
14. FCA Bulletin: October 2020
Added: 22.10.2020   |  Tags:  NTIQ Tap
An NTI update of the latest FCA guidance and advice from their Bulletin in October 2020.

13. Debt Management Call For Evidence
Added: 16.07.2020   |  Tags:  NTIQ Tap
The Government have issued a Call For Evidence to help improve debt management practices and procedures

12. HMRC's Current Position On Voluntary Arrangements
Added: 09.07.2020   |  Tags:  NTIQ Tap
HMRC's Current Position On Voluntary Arrangements

11. Energy Firms Resume Collection
Added: 06.07.2020   |  Tags:  NTIQ Tap
Energy Firms Resume Collection

10. A Council Tax Revolution?
Added: 16.06.2020   |  Tags:  NTIQ Tap
Is this the start of something big?

9. Extra Debt Advice Funding Announced
Added: 09.06.2020   |  Tags:  NTIQ Tap
Treasury announces additional funding via MaPS

8. Enforcement Agent Activity Post-Lockdown
Added: 09.06.2020   |  Tags:  NTIQ Tap
What will enforcement agents be doing as lockdown is lifted?

7. Changes to the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme
Added: 03.06.2020   |  Tags:  NTIQ Tap
A look at the recent changes announced by the Chancellor

6. More FCA Measures
Added: 22.04.2020   |  Tags:  NTIQ Tap
6. More FCA Measures

5. Coronavirus IVA Update
Added: 20.04.2020   |  Tags:  NTIQ Tap
This webcast provides details of guidance issued in relation to Protocol IVAs during the Coronavirus pandemic.


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